The stories from outside the bunker are of no interest to me, thank you.
I’ve replaced them with my Facebook bubble and downloads of things to view.

I do check occasionally to see what i might be missing;
just curious to see if there’s anything not infuriating or depressing.

Well, let’s look… mmmm well the government is still composed of hypocrites and liars.
Half the country will soon be underwater but real-estate prices have never been higher.

Soon forests will only be found in holograms – well at least they won’t be burning!
And there you can cuddle an extinct virtual koala and a CGI Steve Irwin!

No, no, no – the bunker is the place to be, no one can reach me there!
Just me and my uninterrupted opinons that I always feel welcome to share.

In here I can believe whatever makes me feel alright.
I imagine all my enemies crushed before me, as history i rewrite.

But sometimes at night I leave my bunker, while the world watches reality TV,
and I walk under the stars and feel the breeze on my face and think “You know, life’s not so bad for me…”

The world is big enough for everyone and all our equally bizarre views;
and this glorious equanimity lasts … right up until … I check the bloody news.

AAAGH back to the bunker! I shouldn’t have looked, there are some stories to which i’m allergic.
I break out in bursts of dismal philosophy rendering me bitter and lethargic.

The last time I left my bunker I was at a birthday party, can you believe?
Trying to look all cool and bored while I wondered “when the fuck can I leave?”

And then – you – started telling me a story; a story from – your bunker,
And I told you one from mine, and on it went, as we both got drunker and drunker.

And I told you all about my bunker, and it sounded completely insane.
Exactly as mad as yours sounded, so – I think we should meet again!

Maybe we could set up a hotline for direct bunker to bunker communication?
That way I can keep my petty opinions and crazy ideas and you can keep your obsessive self-deprecation!

We’d be protected as we interacted! We could both let down our shutters.
And we could find out how crazy we really are, as we tell stories from our bunkers.

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