Cream and Strawberries

My warm hand on your bottom; on a wintry Maleny morn.
Dreams dissolving into dressing-gowns, snores becoming yawns

Outside the night is dying and being reborn as the day.
We’re walking but we’re still asleep, and “It’s so cold!” is all we can say.

But our bodies are wide awake, and keen to cuddle each other.
We share our warmth against the cold, and say THIS! This is why we bother!”

On the horizon, a blaze of fluorescent orange burns the night to kindle the day;
the blade edge of existence scything the past away.

I can see life in the emerging shape of the trees and in the dawn birds call and cry.
And it’s there too my love, in your husky laugh and that twinkle in your eye.

Here, in this moment of awakening, I look back down the corridors of time
and see – from before the beginning of existence – our lives have always intertwined.

We blazed as a binary star system that roared in gravity waves of delight.
We cavorted as bacteria that learned to feed on light.

We were lichen, two different species! More than intimate; intermingled, intertwined.
I worshipped the sun and you rooted us to earth; which you still do, love of mine.

One magic night this scrap of energy became a one in a trillion snowflake.
And you were my first ray of sunshine; and I melted in heart ache!

And the Life when we were two black cockatoos, wing-tips brushing as we fly,
singing our song to Tibrogargan, just us in the endless sky!

You were a rose and I was a dancing bee that gyrated on your stem.
I drank your sweetness and made honey in praise, before pbffft! I was gone again.

Yep, soon enough it’ll be “see you soon” as we lose these transient forms.
What pair shall we make in this infinite universe, the next time we are reborn?

When next will we feel what it’s like to be two-humans so close together?
In the infinite multitude of possibilities that exist… that could take… forever!

After this moment how long would it take? How many times would I have to be born?
To once again, feel my warm hand on your bottom, on a wintry Maleny morn?

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