Forest Lights

I can see lights in the forest, like candles,
burning in bubbles of purple and amethyst.
Flickering between the trees, rising on the breeze
like luminescent, deep-sea-fish.

I can hear bells in the forest,
tiny creatures playing crystal chimes.
Chatting to each other and calling to the Mother
invoking wood and leaf and rhyme.

I can feel the wind whispering from the forest
touching the soft skin of my face;
Redolent of flowers drunk on sun-drenched hours
and her twilight green embrace.

I can taste rain coming, and so can the forest!
Small birds sing to weave a charm.
And the branches of trees and the canopy leaves
reach out to dance with the might of the storm.

I can see lights and hear bells in the forest,
and I dream of sleeping in the roots of the trees.
Older than time and deeper than sublime;
A world of mystery and healing and peace.

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