Ghost of worry

The ghost of worry, haggard and anxious
hovers on the edge of the candle light;
whispering like cold winter winds
about disasters and problems and frights.

“It’s just another day,” I tell myself,
“and soon it will be yesterday!”
No no no, life is a maze of monsters,
or so the ghost of worry will say.

This deflating presence, who turns my highs
into a sodden, sullen flat.
Had a good idea? Hope for the future?
Oh the ghost of worry will get rid of that!

This weight on my back, the weight of a lifetime
of kicks in the guts that ensures
moments are regretted before they even happen;
and why? Because because because…

Because I was a lonely child!
Because life is unfair!
Because I’ve collected lots of excuses
and I’ll be damned if I don’t share!

One night I gave up and told the ghost of worry
“well, stay here then if you won’t go.
Come closer and have a seat.”
And the ghost sat down… very slow

We shared a companionable silence –
and I waited for the start of the misery lecture.
But the ghost was gone and beside me
was – the Spirit of Adventure!

Sleek and slick and bold and sexy
with a twinkle in her eye.
She said “You were kind to a caterpillar,
so you scored a butterfly!”

And she laughed, a wild and cheerful call
that echoed in my bones
and she spread her wings and whispered to me
“You are never alone!

When you feel a chill of apprehension
dull your enjoyment,
Let the heat of my love melt your fear
and bring you into the moment.

Soar with me! Breathe out worry!
Breathe out the voices that torment you!
Stand proud, because I love you,
and I am the spirit of adventure!”

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