Lady of the Forest

The Forest of Words, rich in verse & verbs
and tones and lilt and meter.
Vivid expressions like colourful orchids
and clever lyrics that swoop to greet you

In this jungle of ideas-made-of-sound,
of intentions-that-are-vibrations,
strolls a woman, passionate and elegant,
delighting in the ineffable intonations.

The Lady treads softly on murmurings of moss
through the tendrils of metaphors meandering;
past the nodding ferns of friendly words,
and the monkeys of misunderstanding.

Around her is a halo of superlatives,
like butterflies in sunlight intense,
as she walks past some flowery remarks,
on the verge of a river full of sentiment.

She walks past creeping vines of jargon
and strangler figs of legalese,
past collapsing arguments and discussions
as heavy as the mightiest rainforest tree.

The Lady passes a fallen friendship-of-words
made rotten by rucous and quarrel;
and on the remains grows the name of a rose,
and other utterances floral.

She braves the dark prose, and the cutting remarks,
and the poetry grown rancorous and dense;
by a whimsy-waterfall she prays to the mother of us all.
The great black rock of silence.

The Lady glides between hanging-vines of hyperbole
that is home to a raucous flock
of cheesy one-liners and a gaggle of witticisms
that race against the clock.

On the bank of a brook of babbling
the Lady breathes in the wit and the wisdom,
Revelling in the cacophony of the Forest
for she is the Queen of language’s kingdom.

And she sings with a voice stronger than despair!
Sings to the light of the sun and the moon!
Sings to the love that gave sound to the wish!
Sings to the beauty that will pass so soon.

Sings to the beauty still yet to come,
as she summons all words that are sweet and honest.
And then they dance, like a flock of beautiful birds:
Oh Goddess of Words, my sweet Lady of the Forest.

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