Magic Window

If you should venture down a certain path all overgrown and scattered,
you may well find pieces of mystery in magic windows torn and shattered.
If you should peer through magic windows, even ones shattered and strewn
There’s no telling what you may behold; or what may be beholding you!

So fall, fall asleep, into the space between stars;
just like before.
Drifting in and out of consciousness
‘til you’re not you anymore.

Maybe you’ll find yourself whisked away
Through the Dark Forest to the Magic Mountain.
Full of Waterfalls, Elementals, Parrots and Pixies
And Moon-Rainbows beyond counting.

Out there beyond everything you’ve ever known
you’ll journey far to see your own face.
While all the details of your tiny life
spin like dervishes in moonlight space.

Your skin will glow with a silken shine
that makes shadows blur and shimmer
and your soul flowers into pinbursts of iridescence
that flash and whisper and glimmer.

All around you life flows, you can feel what was
effortlessly morphing into the shape of vision.
Boundaries don’t exist, not even as memories,
the world is wild with pleasure and precision.

All your cells opening like flowers, downloading sacred coding,
spiralling circles rotating for ever, the universe unfolding.
Feel DNA being altered, as we span galaxies and planes.
Consciousness midwifes awakening until nothing else remains.

Soundwaves shimmer in the Void
like a curtain of silver light.
The Divine dances with Dark Fractals
and creates Sacred Night.

And these hands release infinite rose petals
that spiral into space,
clouds of love billowing like ecstasy,
vanishing cleanly without trace

Everything has its pattern, and ours is a spiral,
that loops around, without end.
You have touched the divine and now it’s time to touch
the mundane all over again.

The iridescence thins and seems to change,
becoming a fact, a thing to be known.
And lamenting arises for the passing of paradise,
even as a new world is being born.

And so you leave the womb of legend,
and become what it is you will be.
Moving inwards or outwards,
creating meaning, and calling it destiny.

And the mother of us all waits patiently
to one day take you back to the stars,
to be gathered just as you were given life,
with tender loving arms.


If you should venture down a certain path and find magic windows shattered,
and read your name in pieces of mystery lost and tossed and scattered,
Do not burden the flotsam and jestsam of fate with boasting or with blame,
Tread lightly through shadows and reflections, for this is the path by which you came.

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