My rainbow angel visited me the other day,
all lit up from her antennas to her toes!
Festooned with mandalas of impossible colours,
she comes from the place where the rainbows grow!

With butterfly-wings and rainbows as big as the sky
and as small as your hand.
And when the light changes, and reality rearranges,
she can take us with her, back to Rainbowland.

Back to dark-green bridges arching over waterfalls
of sparkling rainbow drops,
and skies full of clouds of every shape and colour,
it’s a sunset that never stops.

Towers of Bronze, trimmed in lemon, and azure,
with windows of Kashmir Sapphire.
Sea-green steeples and fairy people
twinkling with magic fire.

Tangerine hot-air balloons, trailing scarlet pendants,
in the egg-shell blue sky.
Bi-planes of Windsor-green are seen
where once only dragons would fly.

Fly to an archipeligo of butter-yellow,
over a sea of apricot and incence;
and rivers that flow, indigo,
past ancient ruins of purple benevolence.

Great fluffy clouds of marsh-mellow magenta
shower petals of cherry red.
And all the colours of the rainbow
swirl into patterns into which you are inexorably lead:

Diamond swirls of Venetian Red
and viridescent darkest green.
Pulsating jellyfish of coral and jade
blossom – in deepest aquamarine.

Inter-twining helixes of cinnabar crimson
ripple in midnight ebony,
showered by fireworks of lilac and Tyrian Purple
and opalescent canary.

Beneath a saffron mountain, near a black-sand beach,
adrift on an emerald sea,
you wake up with no memory of all the things
you were told you ought to be.

Beneath stars of crystal, that whisper and giggle,
their blessings of etheric chimes
is the gift you made space for with all the things
you where brave enough to leave behind

Your new born eyes behold a sunrise
with more colours than there are names for;
and in the mist of light appears a kaleidoscopic castle,
your new magic home, over the rainbow.

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