Remember to Smile

My mate Col, a beautiful old soul,
is gone. I can hardly believe it.
Someone so happy to give has been taken away,
and I’m struggling to properly grieve it.

“Remember to smile and stay beautiful, people!”
I can hear that big voice say,
with those gentle eyes, the philosopher of Maple St,
with his big beard all shaggy and grey.

Who’s this bloke who’s always smiling and laughing,
and sharing kind words sublime?
“All you have to do is be yourself!”
he’d declare, “and let your light shine!”

If this was India Col would have been a holy man,
a Sadhu giving blessings all the time
in front of the IGA on a rainy day;
he was a rainbow, a little piece of sunshine.

Ah Col, you deserved a better ending.
The one you got was terrible.
And then I imagine how you’d reply to that,
my crazy Maleny angel.

You’d say “Remember to smile and stay beautiful!”
and then we’d share a laugh.
So I can still feel your great big heart, mate,
even now, when things seem pretty dark.

Where ever you’ve gone, Magic Col,
I’m sure they’re glad to have you there.
With all your enthusiasm for life and living
and the words of love you so gladly share.

So when I think of you I won’t dwell on the end of your story,
that seems so sad and stupid and evil.
I’ll think of your goodness and I’ll hear your wisdom.
Remember to smile and stay beautiful, people.

Dedicated to Colin ‘Col’ Hastie, a wonderful human being and giver of smiles. RIP you lovely, funny fellow.

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